Experience the Blue Angels in 360-degree video

Precision, teamwork and trust are three words often used to describe the United States Navy’s Blue Angels demonstrations.

Climb aboard Blue Angel 4 in the “slot” position. Situated at the back corner of the Angels’ signature diamond formation, you’ll see the F/A-18 Hornets flying inches from each other as they execute breathtaking maneuvers.

Click and drag your mouse to experience the full 360ยบ

“It’s a tremendous thing to see up close,” said Blue Angels Commanding Officer Captain Tom Frosch, who pilots the lead jet in the diamond formation.

“One of our signature maneuvers is our first maneuver,” Frosch said. “It’s called the ‘Diamond 360.’ It’s essentially a parade pass when we come around in front of the crowd and demonstrate how close we can fly.”

Blue Angels pilots are renowned for their flying skills and physical fitness. Their bodies endure as many as 8 g’s during the demonstration. “It’s very hard forces on your body,” Frosch said.

USA TODAY caught up with the Blue Angels at the Great Georgia Airshow in late-October. The Blue Angels agreed to mount one of USA TODAY’s specialized camera rigs, designed to capture video in 360 degrees, inside the cockpit of one of their jets. The Blue Angels released the video exclusively to USA TODAY after it was reviewed by the pilots and team.